What is a2bsafely about?

This road safety resource aims to provide a safe place for young people to think about behaviour and preventing injury on the road. The free learning resource provides five different routes, each with 4 levels of difficulty. Lessons learned at the lower levels are built upon in the higher levels to broaden understanding and knowledge of road safety and related health and safety issues. The free online education website also provides background information and help for teachers who want to have a look at the Learning Outcomes of each level or route. School teachers will find information about how to adjust lesson plans to incorporate road safety training to young adults in line with the curriculum for excellence.

a2bsafely aims to make young people aware of what they do know, as well as what they don’t know about, in order to use roads safely. While young people can play this resource online on their own, they should not expect to cross all roads on their own, until they have practiced with an adult – be it their parent or carer.

The education resource is divided into a variety of road safety journeys. Some involve walks to school, using public transport and crossing roads with the help of the green man, zebra crossings, pelican crossings and lollypop persons. The young people will be introduced to drivers, cyclists and other pedestrians. On completion of each journey they will also receive a Tracker page. This is free road safety advice which will be a record of what the young people have learnt on each journey. School teachers and parents can use these to provide additional support when practicing in a road environment. The website provides tutoring material about traffic safety to parents, teachers and pupils at primary and secondary school level.

Young people’s ability to talk about road safety messages can be used to assess their understanding and development of life skills. Throughout the activities, the central theme is that "This game is not real life and you must practice crossing the road with an adult before trying it alone." Please find more information in the section for Teachers and Parents.

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