Information for parents

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You are your child’s travelling companion and teacher.

At Road Safety Scotland we are with you every step of the way.

a2bsafely is an interactive, internet-based resource designed by Road Safety Scotland to introduce the main skills required by your son or daughter to cross the road safely, with increased understanding and independence. can be used regularly at school where progress through the various levels will be monitored by the teacher. Additionally, the programme can be accessed online at home at any time, for you to get involved with teaching your son or daughter road safety.

Practical support is vital to enable young people to apply their computer-based knowledge to the real world. It is when he or she is by your side, on the pavement, that the real learning takes place. The Tracker pages will help you to discuss roadside situations as together you undertake regular, repetitive practice in real life settings. Your child will not be able to undertake these steps alone, even after using a2bsafely: ensure that you are always with them as they practice crossing the road, until you are satisfied they can do so safely.

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The resource provides the tools to allow updates of your son or daughter's progress, identifying any special issues they may have. These are called "News Flash" and can be used by yourself or a teacher (see Downloads).

Together, progress can be monitored at home and at school to create appropriately enhanced support.

If you have a computer at home, access to the resource will be straight forward. If you do not have one then your local library or community centre will have computers which may be used free of charge.

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There are “Tell Me More Cards ” within the resource. These are an additional tool for use in the classroom. "Wondercards" can be used by anyone accessing the website to ask questions about Road Safety.

Working together we can help all young people to achieve more as they move towards independence. Working together we can help create a safer learning experience for your son/daughter which will help them to keep safe throughout their lives.

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