Learning outcomes by route

Walking to the corner shop

This is the shortest route in the resource. It makes the point that for many, the corner shop may not be far from home and might be a good starting point.

Wearing something bright and being seen is demonstrated clearly by the young pedestrian.

Choosing a safe place to cross to avoid busy traffic is an important decision. This route uses a pedestrian bridge to avoid a dangerous crossing. It also shows the young person crossing at the green man, crossing at a junction and at an unassisted traffic island crossing. On every occasion the pedestrian STOPS, THINKS, LOOKS and LISTENS.

Identifying cars that are indicating that they intend to manoeuvre into a side road. Asking the question ‘what does the driver intend to do next?’ But never trying to guess what the driver might do.

This route also demonstrates the importance of not being distracted by mobile phone calls or text messages when crossing the road. There is a safer place to take your call and answer your text message, away from the road.

What if you drop something on a busy road? What is the best action? The young pedestrian weighs up the dangers of retrieving the object and decides to leave it.