Download Section

a2bsafely is an interactive, internet-based learning resource with a variety of downloads supporting the learning of road safety issues.

A map shows different situations on the road and you can use it to help you to picture the road environment. To download the map click here.

For more information and downloads of the avatars please click here.

After every section within the game you are asked to save and print a Tracker page. You can find all 20 Tracker pages on this website and download them here.

If you want to find out more about future learning possibilities, or have any other questions about road safety issues or Road Safety Scotland, please give online feedback here.

The News Flash helps to identify individual learning issues and is useful for communicating between teachers and parents. To download the News Flash, click here.

Wondercards can be used by all site users to ask questions. Young people can use them to find things out from parents, teachers or Road Safety Scotland.

The Step by Step Pocket Guide is a handy essential guide to crossing roads safely. To download the Pocket Guide, click here.

If you would like a Step-By-Step Pocket Guide posted out to you contact your local Road Safety Unit. Click here for contact details.